MechTurtle (mechturtle) wrote in middlefic,

Drabble Fic: Firm Consulting

Title: Firm Consulting
Rating: PG
Word count: 100
Summary: Roxy helps out in her own special way.
Distribution: middlefic only.
Disclaimer: The Middleman and its characters aren't mine, no infringement intended, no money made.
Author's notes: Wondering about the Middleverse's take on succubi (and incubi) made me think about other potentially useful aspects of Roxy's "skill set". Thanks to taraljc for beta-ing!

"Feathers or fins?"

Wendy frowned. "Excuse me?"

Roxy Wasserman sighed. "Something otherworldly did this," she said, gesturing to the Middleman who stood dazed and unaware. "A woman spoke to him, right? Feathers are your everyday, fashion-victim sirens. Fins mean she's likely some nixie diva."

"So how do we wake him? German techno-metal?"

"Hardly. We can't get through to his conscious mind." Roxy casually connected a solid left hook to the Middleman's jaw. Before he hit the ground, Wendy drew her gun.

"What the—-?!"

Roxy's eyes glowed. "Remember, sidekick," she said with a smile, "succubi do their best work in dreams."

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